When do you start feeding your baby rice cereal

Experts and the AAP recommend starting rice cereal at 6months (no sooner).

Personally we skip rice cereal all together. Rice cereal has no natural nutritional benefits since it is so overly processes. It has added vitamins and minerals but they are not very easily absorbed into the baby's system. There are even some studies that suggest rice cereal can actually be harmful to your baby and teaches their body to improperly digest sugar and can increase their risk of obesity and diabetes. Due to these possible risks we just decided to skip it. There are many natural, healthy and easily digestible foods that are better for a baby learning to eat. I recommend starting with sweet potatoes, avocados, and bananas. We give real rice and real oatmeal later on.

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    We only fed real oatmeal, not the overly process baby oatmeal.
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