BLECH day tomorrow!

So.. I'm going to get my wisdom tooth pulled tomorrow. Since we live in a small town, the surgeon only visits once a week and is booked out through mid-June. Anyone who's gotten the wisdom tooth blues knows that a month and a half wait is just not possible. Soooo the bf took the day off of work tomorrow to drive me down to get it done.

The prayers I'm asking for are for him, not me. Because I'm not allowed to eat or drink after midnight tonight, not even allowed to brush my teeth in the morning. That is so gross! So he has to deal with all that.. then he has to deal with me being loopy afterwards.

I'm leaving Charlie with the bf's mom. I don't want the bf to have to juggle me and the baby. Which is another issue. The longest time I've been away from him is a couple of hours. I'm really hoping this goes by quickly and perhaps I'll be so doped up on the medication that I won't notice. I hate being away from my boy :/

So anyways.. won't even go into the price tag on this. Just asking for some good vibes for the day :)

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      Melissa Middleton
      Praying, Alissa! I am so sorry. I was away from my son for an hour, and it was painful--I felt so lost.
      I never had to have my wisdom teeth pulled, and I hope I never have to. I have had two teeth pulled (one while I was pregnant), and a root canal (back when they lanced you open instead of the lasers); none of it was fun. I do not like going to the dentist, so I feel for you.
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