Is your kid creepy?

LOL No really. When I work I sit on the couch with my laptop on my lap and I plug away. I have a view right into the play pen from across the room. Yesterday, the bf put him down for a nap in there then went back to work. I'm sitting here typing away, I glance over and Charlie is just staring at me. No noise, no movement, no blinking.. just staring at me. So being the text book first time mom that I am, of course I walk over there and touch him to see if he's okay. And he looks up at me and smiles and melts my heart like he always does.. but that stare. lol that stare was CREEPY!

And just to make myself feel better about calling my kid creepy, I looked up this article so that I didn't feel so bad. Enjoy!

    8Theresa Gould
    Too funny! I cannot think of any creepy things mine did as babies but when one of our sons struggled with sleep walking and bad dreams, it was creepy watching him and trying to talk to him because he would not wake up. We finally learned to say, "You're ok, go back to bed, we are here etc. until he calmed down."
      i hope my child is not creepy... that would "creep" me out! LOL!
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