Same tooth, 4 diffrent people what's the chances?

This may sound stupid but I'm curious if anyone else has had a similar experience, my daughter at age four I kid u not woke up one morning and one of her front teeth had turned brown. We seen no signs of this tooth dying away! Not rotting, just colored brown, it's now lose and should be coming out soon, but as of a couple days ago my youngest who's three woke up and the same tooth on the same side as his sisters is turning brown! I'm literally dumbfounded! I'm in the most of finding them a dentist, the obvious reasons for a tooth doing this doesn't apply to my kids, they are crazy about keeping their little teeth cleaned(: my middle son who will be 5 has no signs of this what so ever thankfully! Now the interesting part is, my dad, has a brown tooth same tooth as my two kids and so does my grandma, my dad said he got hit with a baseball bat when he was little which is why his is brown, I've yet got to find out why my grandma (his mom) has her brown tooth! I'm lost, It's pretty ironic it's all the same tooth on 4 diffrent people! Could this be like genetics?

Nikki Hicks
    That's really crazy. I can't say that I've seen anything like that before, but you do have a strong case for thinking it could be inherited.
      8Theresa Gould
      It definitely sounds like it could be genetic but I've not heard of this before. Hope you get some answers once you see a dentist.
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