Used car or New car ?

I drive a pretty old car with tons of things going wrong with it already. I don't drive my daughter around in it due to me not feeling like its reliable. So I'm saving up money to purchase a car but I'm not sure if I should get a new car that is fresh and I know has nothing wrong with it, or if I should look into getting a used car.. any feedback, moms?

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    I like Kim Haiduke's take. I too have had a used car and a new car--we sold my used car to get my new car, and it had some variable issues that we never were able to solve. Personally, I would go new because someone gave up a used car for some reason, and you'll never really get to know why...but you may find out the hard way.
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      We've always bought used because that's what we could afford. Before we got our 2000 Ford Expedition we were talking about a new car but practicality and needing a farm vehicle made us choose the Expedition.

      I agree with Kim though that many dealers are offering 0% financing and little or no down payment. The no payment was at the end of the year but there might be some still offering it.
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