Girls, puberty and periods

Have you talked to your daughter about eventually getting a period? Or will you in the future? How did or will this conversation go? Are you going to wing it or do you have a plan?

I was pretty candid with my daughter. I explained what it was and that she would get hers one day too. When her time came she was like "Oh great, guess what mom?" and I gave her sympathy and Advil. It wasn't anything that either of us made a big issue of.

    I don't know if I remember my mom talking to me about it as much as I remember it being covered in school in 5th grade. We even took a trip to the local Science Center, and they explained everything very scholarly-like, and then back at school, we got some pad samples and whatnot from our lady gym teacher. I'm sure my mom didn't shy away from it, but I remember school teaching it much more clearly...that could be a good thing.
    Literal lol, especially the WTF meter description--I remember feeling the same way reading one of those things the first time (before a high school pool party, when I thought, "Hey, this will be no sweat!"--wrong!).
      8Theresa Gould
      We have talked with our girls, as three out of four are teens now. It happened naturally and gradually over time. There was only once or twice I planned a talk. If they asked me what my pads were or what they were for, I'd tell them so it wasn't a big deal once the time came. I think our third daughter may have been a little less prepared as her period came earlier than any of us expected.
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