im upset. rant

gary was supposed to come over today.... but hes "too tired"
well ya know what.... ive been up countles night having to dal with a fussy baby all night and still manage to wake up at 4 am to pack and leave to go to his freaking house knowing i will not get to sleep anymore that day just so i can go see him. so he can see his baby. well im tired of his "im tired" excuse. sure he was up all night. but he slept all day. a little exhaustion never kept me from him why does it keep him from us!?!
then he says that he is sorry that he is tired from being up all night earning money for our future..... its not like i was asking him to wake up at 5 am... i was askng for him to leave at 3 PM.....

sorry im just mad.
havent seen him in weeks and his phone is broken so i cant even hear his voice.
and its heartbreaking.
its even worse when kado wakes up and says "wheres dad" every morning.....'

idk what to do..... dug my own grave i guess

    I'm sorry, Andrea Mouser--that does sound very hard. I sympathize with the way you feel, though. My husband seems to think that things are harder for him when I feel like we're doing the same thing and I never make a peep. Your situation with so little contact sounds so much worse, though. When I get angry, I rage for a while, then I try to see it from his point of view and calm down...most of the time. In a few hours, maybe try the same and see if it doesn't provide some clarity.

    How far away is Gary?
      8Theresa Gould
      I'm sorry. I understand why your upset. Have you tried telling him you miss him and just want to see you and Kado does too? I hope you can work through this and he sees he's missing out on Kado's milestones and being a dad to him.
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          Hugs to you ! i hope things get better! Hopefully Gary will come around!
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