My baby makes weird noises, is this normal?

Babies make all kinds of odd noises. They grunt, gurgle and sometimes snore! Most of the odd noises you hear from your baby are just normal newborn sounds. If they don't appear to be bothered while making their funny little noises then there is likely no concerns. However, if you have any concerns please bring it up to your pediatrician! They can either look further into the issue or ease your mind.

Moms Expertise
    I love the encouragement to ask the doctor. I feel like sometimes we as moms self-judge our questions to be not important, and that's just not right. I know I did it, and I feel like we should all feel free to call that doctor or pedi-emergency after hours line and ask away. We're parents, and we have the right to know. Sorry, self-conscious rant over, lol.
      Melissa Middleton
      My son is a weird noise making machine--most of the time, it is his way of communicating.
        8Theresa Gould
        So very true! Their sounds can be very odd and funny at times!
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