The ghost of aunt flo

For you breast feeding mamas who don't have a period but are still getting symptoms once a month like the back aches, cramps and chocolate cravings. This ghost period with no actual menstruation is being called a ghost period or the ghost of aunt flo.
Some breastfeeding mothers resume their menstrual cycle sooner than 11 weeks and others after 24 months or more. It's all related to hormones and the differences in nursing "styles" of the mother and baby. Usually, an earlier return of menses is attributed to one or more of the following: baby sleeping though the night, starting baby on solid foods, weaning, bottle and/or pacifier use, and changes in frequency and duration of nursing.

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    8Theresa Gould
    Yep, I agree. Though I don't recall any ghost symptoms when I experienced an absence of my period so that is new to me.
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