Doubts.. Ah.

Okay.. so let's be real.. the clock is ticking. I am approaching 7 months.. UH WHAT!? Yeah.. it's getting real, kind of. Lately I think about the labor and delivery a lot.. and have doubts. Like.. how the heck can I do? Will I be the one girl that they are like.. OH GOD, she can't do it! Will I have it in me to be strong and do it.. is this an insane and stupid fear? Am I legit in thinking I maybe cannot do it? I go back and forth some days.. like ooo yes, I can do it.. I am woman, hear me roar! And other days I think I will die.. and pass out and there isn't any chance I can birth this bambino/a... sigh.. Mommas.. any help? Did you ever feel like this?​

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      Just remember, our bodies are made to handle it, and you won't really have a choice in the end. You CAN and WILL do it! I know I have thought a lot about it, and the pain terrifies me, but it's what I am created to do and when the time comes I can do it! Maybe making a mantra for when you feel scared could help you? I am sure there have been plenty of new moms go in terrified of what will happen and come out fine and happy, forgetting about it as soon as baby is in her arms. :)
        Eeek! I am excited for you. I remember counting down the days on my calendar. I was just as excited as I was terrified. I went through all kinds of crazy thoughts and was banned from watching the discovery channel by my hubby lol. I would watch the ones where the babies were born with major problems and call my husband at work crying asking him what if it happens to my our little guy. I was a you are definitely not alone in your thought process.
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          I think it's natural to have doubts and fears, especially of the unknown, but even after you've had a baby or two those fears and doubts can arise again. I think reading about positive birth outcomes can ease your mind - think positive. Negativity is never good for anyone, it just wastes a lot of energy. Easy to say, hard to do. I know.
            YOU WILL DO FINE! I have absolute faith that a strong, driven woman like yourself will turn into the fierce, roaring, labor superhero and baby will be just delightful. Best of luck, nevertheless!
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