Fun Day!!!

So where im from we have this cute little gathering called a Duck Race...its really actually pretty fun (sadly no real ducks)...but im so upset my son was so scared of the guy dressed as the duck that my favorite picture I took of him screaming (I know mean mommy) keeps blacking out when I open it up on my phone, all the other pictures are fine...ugh but heres a couple pics I would love to share with you all!!!!

Fun Day!!!Fun Day!!!Fun Day!!!Fun Day!!!
    Looks like fun! What great pictures! What is the 0ccasion for the Duck Race?
      Not too sure what the occasion is I just know it was the 10th year they have done it they raffle off a lot of things from tv too cash to gift certificates of course
      The day was perfect they sun stayed out and it wasn't too hot since there was a nice little breeze
      We had so much fun
      They have little tables for private vendors to advertise some food stands and little rubber ducks to race from the middleof the Pequabuck to the bridge in front of a popular restaurant, I guess the owner is the one that is in charge of the event
      All these questions and I have know real answers I feel bad I will look it up and see what the main reason for this
      Im glad you ladies liked the so upset that I cant fix the one picture I really wanted but in the long run im very happy with how they all came out!!!
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