2 month shots

Elizabeth had her two month shots today.
She was sleeping when the nurse was ready so the nurse said to just hold her like I was... And right when the nurse poked her she let out this sad pathetic cry and started crying real soft like the face she made I cannot even explain.
The doctor told me to give her infant tylonal which seems to be helping but she will fall asleep and randomly wake up with the sameface and cry which makes me wanna cry all over again.

    Aw Shannon.. I just dealt with this exactly a MONTH ago... ah! It totally broke my heart too! Monroe did fine with the oral shot, and the first one, then the second, he screamed.. but quickly was fine.. but then just like the doc said, 5 hours later, he was in major pain.. so we gave him infant tylenol too.. it took about 45 minutes to kick in good, so we held and rocked him.. he just wanted to be snuggled and pain free.. remember that you can give that I believe every 4 hours.. PLEASE check the bottle though.. we kept giving every 4 hours until the late morning after and then he seemed fine! Poor baby Elizabeth!
      Awww... sorry to hear this... sometimes when they bump the spot where they had the shot it will irritate it or hurt and that could be the reason that they cry.
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