What's Best?

I want to apologie in advance for how long this is. Sorry.
For those of you who have had a divorce, was it because you and your SO just couldn't be together anymore or did your in-laws have influence in the decision? How did your child(ren) take it?
My in-laws, and my husband are making it harder and harder for me to handle things. My husband is such a momma's boy, and it's not a bad thing, until it comes down to giving all of our money to her and agreeing with whatever she says no matter what it is.
My mother doesn't know half of what's going on right now, but has still offered for my kids and I to come live with her. She lives in my home county and it would be REALLY easy for me to get a job there since I know everyone around there. With my mom not working, she would watch the girls for me until I could afford a preschool. It's a GREAT set-up and I know that it's probably what's best for me. But, I don't know if it's best for my kids.
Yeah, he's barely around, so the girls don't really get to see him. He does stupid things around them that I don't like (like today when our youngest emptied out the entire toy box and I got onto her because it was time to put toys away, and he clapped for her like she was doing a good job) so I get onto him and he goes off about how he doesn't know what he can and can't do around them. When he has days off work, he leaves anyway to go fishing with his step-sister's boyfriend. So, he's never home. It's not like it would be much of a change.
My husband has said several times that if I were to ever go live with my mom he'd get the court involved though. My mom has a past. She doesn't do it anymore, but let's just say she's well known with the court system. But, we've lived with his mom and she's well known too. Only difference is, my mom never got her kids taken away from her by CPS. Whereas his has had her kids taken away twice.
I've tried resolving our issues and working things out. But, he's always defending his mom no matter what the subject is. I would just like your opinions, and some helpful ideas if you have any.

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      The upside of moving in with you mom would be added support
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      I used to too. When I was growing up it was my grandparents, my aunt and uncle, my sister and I, and my cousins. It was great! The best life choices and education I got was while I was there. I want the same for my children. Here, it's just not happening. MIL is too demanding and hubby is never here. It's like I'm already a single parent, except with my hubby working I get the choice to be a SAHM.
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