..burp burp!

WHEN to burp your baby.. after each feeding of course and sometimes in the middle of each feeding too! After you bump up to 5 or so ounces, I would try burping every 2-2.5 ounces.. to give their tummy some relief and make room :)

HOW to burp your baby.. we burp Monroe upright, like he is sitting on our laps with his head in our hand.. we have done this pretty much since day one and surprisingly we think it has really helped with his head/neck control! We also tip him backwards slowly if he isn't burping after awhile.. sometimes this moves and shifts a gassy bubble around and boom - burp!

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        This is a great advice! My first was very gassy and we could even feel the gas in her little belly! This is great advice to subside some of the issues! we found that when all else failed she liked her swing!
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