Anyone need help with Early Intervention, ADOS or Autism Diagnosis?

Just curious...
I wanted to offer any resources, experience and what not if anyone had any questions. I've had 2 boys go through Early Intervention, and 1 go through a Dr. for Autism diagnosis, and the other had the ADOS done.

MariaRichland, Michigan
    I am so glad you are here for moms with those issues.
      Meg- My boys started having the "Something's not right here" moments at around 18 months. Jack is 6 and is pretty much just speech delayed, Ben is 4 and is nonverbal. Kim Haiduke- For Jack it was his lack of speech, and he screamed and cried A LOT. Not really as a baby but more into toddlerhood. He'd scream and cry for hours. I think it may have been due to his lack of communication skills at the time. For Ben, we started to notice some of the same things (the lack of verbal skills), and Ben liked to stare off into space a lot. He also didn't seem interested in much. Jack was seen by early intervention before 2 years. Ben was seen around 2 as well, but it was after we'd moved (we moved to MI from VA). Early Intervention would come to your house and play with/watch/attempt to engage your child, and then come back for a report a fews later. They told me that they suspected Ben was on the Spectrum, and we went through there getting him into a special school. I also got the suspicions confirmed by a dr.
        No problem, Kim Haiduke! I hope it was helpful!
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