not sure if im pregnant

so ive been paying very close attention to my body and im very in tune with my body. and the other day on the second and third i had very light blood then the third i and a brownish pink only when i wiped. but for the last week i have been massively sick well only stomach aches and then one head ache and massive back aches along with cramps and sore breast. im not sure how far this puts me i have a few apps that go off of you last p and it says id be 2 weeks and 3 days so im wondering who has had this and has been pregnant from noticing implantation blood and if so how long after did u test? im so nervous i just don't want to test and have it say no ive been trying since then end of January and am getting sorta depressed seeing others getting pregnant with no problems just try and the next month their having a baby

    Have you taken a test...or is it too early?
    ive taken a test and it said no but im thinking its too early because i have very tender breasts and my period isnt due in 11 days but normally is a little late i have an app that gives me a round about time of what day its never exact with my body but very close so id say i have like 12 13 more days till i miss it or get it or what ever happens and for the past week ive been stuck in bed feeling sick and my husband and daughter have been fine and no one else in my family was sick i havnt been feeling weird really but i am sensitive to smells and normally i dont smell at all
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