Dreams about Baby?

I always had this feeling in me that screamed "Girl, girl, girl!!" Everyone thought I was having a girl (except my husband, he wanted a boy. Some people still think it's a girl). One night I had this dream, and I saw a carrier. My mind panned around behind it and I caught a glimpse of a small blue hat. That was it, that was all I dreamed. ​I brushed it off, and didn't tell anyone about it until after our reveal party. We bit into cupcakes with a colored frosting filling and opened our eyes to find a blue center. Needless to say, the guests were shocked, and so was I! Has anyone else experienced dreams that described their baby before he or she was born?

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    8Theresa Gould
    Not me. But it sounds like you are having very vivid dreams.
      How neat! I hope I experience this with my babies. I have been dreaming of a little redheaded girl almost every night. Maybe it's a sign! :) And congrats to you!
        I use to dream about my baby often. Some were very cute, some were just odd. lol
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