Baby Furniture

What kinds of baby furniture can I skimp on or get later? I don't anticipate moving into a big place. If we move to a 2 bedroom, the 2nd room is for Erik's kids to share when they're visiting on alternate weekends.

I know that I can use a bassinet for up to 6 months then switch to a crib.

I can change the baby on the floor, on the couch or anywhere with a clean flat surface instead of bringing baby to the changing table.

Do I really need a high chair? I think those bumbo seats that sit comfortably on a couch would work and it's compact and can set aside. Do they fit okay on a regular adult kitchen chair?

    you can skip the changing table and just use the floor or put the pad on top of the dresser. We skipped a bassinet and just used a Pack n play until she was put in her crib, I would not put the bumbo seat on the couch for risk of the baby falling off Bumbos are only for the floor. You can get a "high chair" booster that can strap to a chair so that you don't have the whole high chair taking up space, and in reality we didn't start using the high chair much until 4.5-5months so you wouldnt need that right away either
      I would totally invest in a pack n play - some of the high-end ones come with a bassinet attachment, so you could use the bassinet first, then the pack and play and then probably move straight to a toddler bed and skip the crib entirely. The changing table you can absolutely skip on, and the high chair can be skipped too. Really, just having a place for the baby to sleep, and a place to put their clothes (which can be as simple or fancy as you may like!) is all you absolutely need.

      A highchair wouldn't be used until around 6 months anyway, and you could easily use the bumbo on the floor (not on the couch or table or counter because the baby could fall out/off), or we have booster seats that attach to our kitchen chairs - they are much smaller than a high chair and were MUCH cheaper. They have buckles and a tray. We use the buckles and tray at first, and now we just use them to help the kids sit at the table regularly
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