Any experiences with VBAC?

I had a Csection with my first child and I really do not want to do it again. The OB says it is OK do to a vaginal birth but that there is some risk. Any of you has experienced it? Will I be able to deliver vaginaly this time?

    4Halley Stickley
    I also had a C-Section with my first child. It was a emergency C-Section so I didn't have a choice. But I delivered my next 3 vaginally and everything was fine! :)
      I had an emergency c section with my first, and was planning for a vac with my second but at my 39 week appointment we found that I would most likely end up with A c section again so I decided to opt for a section since I didn't want the trauma and anxiety that came with an emergency one. There are risks to a vbac but if you do some research and discuss with your doctor you can find out how likely you are to encounter any of them. You may want to check and see if you have a local ICANN, as there are lots of mamas that are very passionate about vbacs in those groups
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