Oh Heck no!

Our neighbor.. whom I adore.. and have become pretty neighborly with.. she has a 4 year old son.. Her mom lives across the way in our same apartment complex.. Everyone is great..

Her SON.. however.. is pretty funny and nice but FOUR... so he can still throw his fits or yell and cry when it's time to go in and the big kids are still playing..

HOWEvER.. He talks back to his mom and worse.. his Gramma.. and his mom handles it, but she does it in the soft, "no no.. " and then walks him inside for a 4 minute time out.. but he keeps doing it.. Yesterday his Gramma said, "He needs to have shoes on.. the workmen were here today and I'm not sure if they cleaned up completely".. Well her grandson did NOT like that and he put up his hand to her and said, "No.. You go away.. I don't like shoes.. you go.. "

He didn't want to put shoes on and his gramma wanted him to (gramma is also the apartment manager.. )...

So his mom walked him inside and both the gramma and I looked at each other like "Oh Heck no"!

For me.. you gotta nip that in the bud.. you have to get to them and look them straight in the eye in a hard voice and tell them NO WAY do they talk to an adult like that..

Even my kids look at him like "ohhhh.. you gonna get it.. lol".. they know it was unacceptable... And you have to take care of it NOW.. no warnings.. nip it..

    My mom was the same way, especially disrespect to her in front of other adults was never tolerated.

    This incident reminds me of how Erik parents his son. He's gotten better, thankfully or else I wouldn't be with him, but his son used to be so incredibly disrespectful to me. Erik would tell me that I'm over reacting, that I take it too personal. Erik's mom also said that 13 year old boys are all rude. Such a generalization, since my friend's son who is 13 is not rude like that & if he was, his mom would let him have it.
      We are having this same problem with Mason... actually - I kid you not - he's laying in his bed crying right now because he got in trouble for talking back to us on our way home. It is SO hard at this age because he's still got that egocentric toddler attitude where he doesn't realize the world DOESN'T revolve around him, but is old enough to start understanding time and remembering things. We always feel bad for coming down on him so hard about talking back to us, but you're right - it has to be stopped RIGHT away or it will only get worse.
        I am 36 and I am still scared to talk to my Mom like that. No joke.
          My sister's daughter talks to any adult which ever way she pleases. I don't like it and I do correct her, but it does no good. My sister tells her "you are mine not theirs don't worry about them. They are just being mean." When her daughter comes to my house she isn't like that because she knows I won't put up with it. I have talked to my sister about it many times and she tells me "she is just a kid so let her be." Now my sister is pregnant again and I seriously pray she doesn't let this one walk all over people like her 5 year old does. I love her and he daughter with all my heart. I really do, I just wish she would teach her daughter not to be so mean to people. Her daughter can be the sweetest and she is so smart. That little girl is my whole world. I just wish I knew a way to get her to stop being so mean to people.
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