Can't lift my arms...

So I've been back hitting the gym hard for a few weeks now.. training for my next Tough Mudder IN August.. and I took it easy and slow to get back up to speed.. and prepare my muscles and yesterday I went hard.. like I used to five days a week.. 60 minute internal cardio, squats with weights, weights and more weights, etc..

It felt SO GREAT! Was amazing... and I felt sore last night..

But TODAY.. oh boy.. lol.. certain sections.. like my butt and upper legs under my butt, my abs.. hurt to breath and my arms??? the back of my arms.. I went to take the trash out and I literally could NOT lift it up to my shoulders to get into the bin.. lol..

I had to swing it a few times.. lol

I hurt.. but it feels so good to feel strong again.. and take an epson salt bath.. I went to the gym today.. best thing you can do when you're this sore.. and just did the elliptical.. it's good to warm your muscles when sore.. just for 20 minutes..

and now.. I don't want to do anything :)

    Good for you!!! Will it be your first Tough Mudder? I have friends that do them regularly and they LOVE them!!
    Nope.. I've done 2 spartan races and 3 mudders.. but it's been over a year since I trained as I hurt my back and then got a new full time job and then suddenly a year went by and I was so out of shape and mushy.. lol.. It's crazy how quickly it all goes..

    But I'm excited.. I'm ready.. it's the hardest thing I've ever done.. and the most rewarding.. second to child birth.. it's life changing for me.
      8Theresa Gould
      I'm so unactive my shoulders hurt after MINI GOLFING. lol! More power to you, Jessica. I have no desire to run a marathon or do any of those big event type things.
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