3 Day Potty Training

We used the 3 day potty training method with FANTASTIC success with both Mason and Audrey. It is a terrible 3 days, but once you get past them, you're done!! My only complaint with the method is that I truly think there needs to be more in the book that will mentally prepare mom and dad. With both Mason and Audrey I was in tears on night 2 because I felt like it wasn't working, was tired of cleaning up pee from ALL OVER THE HOUSE, and was just flat out frustrated. Both times, i consoled myself by saying we would give it one more day and then I'd put them back in diapers on day 4.... and both times something clicked on day 3 and we never went back to diapers!!

I am a huge advocate for the 3 day method now, and will use it with Hayden as well!!

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    That's great! I've heard great things about the 3 day method. How old were your kids when you did it?

    i've been doing infant potty training for a while now and it's going well but we've plateaued a little because Avery can't talk yet. She can't communicate when she needs to go so I'm trying to guess. It's fine for now but when she can communicate I'd like to do a 3 day potty train ing thing to finish it up.
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