So, Cj has eczema just like I do. It is heartbreaking that I couldn't help that, stupid genes, oh well. Anyways, I am curious if any of you lovely ladies have a child with eczema and how you help it when it hotter outside and they get all irritated and inflamed. I know it was one hell of a struggle for myself but I just don't know where to start for him. I am much fonder of a natural fix and something that is safe for his little baby skin. Thanks in advance for any helpful info. Have a good day!

    How old is CJ? We've recently moved to the desert and our eczema has been really bad. I've found that only more natural remedies temporarily soothe the itching, but my son is a scratcher and a picker. I had to use a steroid ointment when he had a patch that wouldn't go away for months. Lmk if you find anything natural that is successful during the bad outbreaks. Good luck :)
      Have you tried a Hazelwood necklace? They can be great for anything acid related - which eczema usually is. You can put it anywhere on his body, so if you don't want it around his neck wrapping it around his ankle or wrist would work as well. We have one that we used to help Hayden's reflux and I was majorly impressed with it. You do just need to be careful as some kids can be allergic to the wood - it's a nut tree.
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          Magen Robisonhas a child with eczema maybe she can chime in and share what she has used successfully.
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