What are you feeding your infant?

My son is 9 months old.

    I'm feeding my daughter breastmilk and home made organic fruits and vegetables.
      At 9 months Aver was nursing and eating homemade baby food. She had 3 solid meals a day that was a mix of veggies, fruit, dairy, grains, and protien. By 9 months their digestive system is generally mature enough to handle all the food groups. Just avoid sugar or anything high in salt. You don't need to add any salt to their food, but herbs and spices are OK. No Cayenne pepper though :)

      Also avoid anything they can't chew like raw veggies, whole grapes, or hot dog rounds.
        8Theresa Gould
        Some of mine were eating table food at 9 months if they had teeth and were showing interest, otherwise they were still breastfeeding and may or may not have started on baby food.
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