My baby is pulling to stand.

Ellsie started pulling herself up to stand yesterday. She'll only be 8months old on the 16th. Everyone has told me she's early for doing that. She is nowhere near "cruising," but she'll bounce her little booty up and down and scream her happy screams to be standing.

I had to accompany the story with photos at work so people would believe me. She was 6 weeks early so I document every milestone for this reason. Some people think just because she was a preemie she "can't" do something on time or early. Bugs the crap out of me. :)

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    8Theresa Gould
    My oldest was seven months old when she pulled herself up on her crib for the first time and got upset because she didn't know how to get herself back down. Every child will be different.
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    First time mom to my beautiful little Ellsie. It took four years to conceive our little miracle and she continues to surprise and amaze us every day. Love to chat with new people, take photos, read, walk, dance, and sing. :)