My current condition. overdue n overstressed!!!

Ok so yesterday (my due date) i went for an appt. midwife did a stretch thing for my cervical membrane. said she could barely get me to 2cm. i was 1 cm last week. wellll then she says it should b b4 monday that my baby comes :)

Thennn aftr the procedure.. continually and even stil... i start getting yellow mucus (almost like semen from sex) n its really snotty yellow like. I asked my midwife about it n she said it was probbly my mucous plug. that labor should start in 2-3 weeks. 2-3 weeks???! does this make sense to anyone? maybe we had a miscommunication there. but most ppl say soon aftr that happens ur water breaks or u go in labor.

My parents say he will come on full moon. ha go figure :P id prefer that over 2 or 3 wks tho especially since im 40 wks n do not want to induce or have csection. opinions moms? inducing ideas? ive heard sex n walking n swimming n spicy foods n castor oil. lol but some say they work n others dont. midwife recommends sex. Please moms.. i need ur HELP on this one!!

    Hi! What your midwife did is good and will probably help stimulate some contractions. It sounds like you have lost your mucous plug, that can happen during labor or it can happen weeks before labor. Your midwife probably meant that labor could still be a few weeks away, not that is would be a few weeks away.

    Are you have any contractions?
    It could be hours or weeks away. There is no way to know. It is a good sign though that your body is preparing for labor.
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