Article: Five things NOT to do with babies

When this was shared with me, the original poster added, "The one thing I would add is that the idea of avoid crying is good, but not always possible. That's when you need to provide comfort."

What do you think?

    This seems a bit extreme to me. Based on what I read, it's asking you to drop everyone and everything you do to watch your baby like a hawk for 12 months or more? Never put them down, never leave them alone, never let them cry. This just sounds a bit irrational to me. I would never let a baby cry for more than a few minutes at a time, but NEVER cry? NEVER put them down? NEVER leave them alone?
    I took it a little differently--I think it is more attacking some commonly held parenting ideas, that if you pick up or pay attention to a baby, you will spoil it. I read it more that if a baby is asking for these things, a parent or caregiver is encouraged to give it as much as possible.

    Also, I don't know that the entire obligation is on a mother. If you spread this out amongst however many caregivers are in one's life, I would bet that most people actually do meet this in the first year.
      I think this article is just a little extreme. Of course a baby needs to be held and comforted, but sometimes they don't. Avery has a lot of different kind of cries and all of them mean different things. Sometimes she'll whine of fuss if she's been held TOO MUCH. Then I need to give her space. As she's gotten older she'll crawl away from me and play in her room while I'm d oing laundry in ours. She's alone then, but it's not like I'm locking her up.

      Punishing I can kind of agree with. Babies don't know that what they're doing is wrong and I'd never spank a kid that young - Though I'm not a big fan of spanking anyway. Still, babies turn into toddlers real fast and appropriate discipline is essential to them growing up well.
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