No-Tech Saturdays

Now that the weather is nice and Avery is getting bigger I really want to implement No-Tech Saturdays. That means no TV, no computers, and no phones unless it's to actually make a call.

Avery is really interactive now and she's soaking up everything like a sponge. It breaks my heart when I think about how much time my husband and I spend on our phones/computers when we're with her. Not to mention that we always have the TV on in the background. What sort of example are we setting? More importantly, what are we missing out on. Avery will only be a baby once. This will be a summer of firsts for her and I don't want to get zoned out in the world of technology and miss it.

It's unrealistic for us to completely cut technology out of our lives. I rely on the computer to work, TV is sometimes the only entertainment we can afford, and social media is one of the main ways we stay connected to friends. However, I do think that we can unplug once a week and enjoy life for what it actually is. We'll spend more time outside, do some bigger projects around the house, and just play with Avery more attentively.

Now I just have to get my husband on board...

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      We have a strict rule of no electronics after 6 (except when we are legitimately working). It's been really good for us, but it's not always easy!
        8Theresa Gould
        I know we have periodically tried to implement no-tech Sundays but like all your reasons it's harder than we thought. At least we are trying to limit our weekend use for the most part, unless something comes up. It's hard to get everyone on board, isn't it?
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