How do I treat a yeast infection diaper rash: diaper creams or something else?

Diaper rashes caused by yeast infections need to be treated with an anti-fungal cream. Regular diaper rash creams will not work. You can contact your doctor to get a prescription anti-fungal cream but you can also use over the counter athletes foot cream. In addition to the anti-fungal creams you can put plain yogurt on the affected skin, the probiotics in the yogurt can help prevent the yeast infection from getting worse and the cool yogurt is often soothing to any discomfort caused by the rash.

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    Mason had a yeast infection once and it was AWFUL! I had no idea yogurt could help - we used a mixture of anti-fungal cream and our regular diaper rash cream and it cleared up.
      8Theresa Gould
      None of mine ever had a diaper rash caused by yeast infections but good to know.
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