Staying Awake Naturally?

So things are crazy with a capital c around here lately, writing frantically, preparing for a ball tomorrow, trying to get work done and keep a clean house. I've been drinking coffee 'til five in the morning for almost a week.

I know some ‚Äčof you mama's out there have had some busy, busy schedules sometimes (all the time?) What are the best natural remedies you've found for staying awake and alert when things just need to get done?

I know drinking constant cold water is supposed to pick you up as well as peppermint flavored/scented things. And, I guess caffeine isn't 'unnatural.'

What tips and tricks have you found for staying awake without mass caffeine while keeping the drowsiness far enough away that you don't find the remote in the fridge and your sentences written backwards?

Any tips appreciated!

    Stay away from sugar then.. Have whole grains, water, fruits , veggies. Maybe a nice smoothie. Fiber is a good kick starter also. Even taking a 10 minute walk can inprove your energy levels!
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      I do usually work with music and that can certainly be a big help. Sometimes though, I start typing the song lyrics instead by accident, lol! I've found some tunes that are without lyrics but give some of the same effect. Hardcore classical with a super epic sound and some film scores, mainly.
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