Best and Worst states for working moms.

This was incredibally interesting. Wallethub did a study on which states are best for working moms. They looked at child care options, upward mobility of women in the workforce, and work life balance.

Oregon ranked number one mostly because in general the state has a great work-life balance initiative. Over here in MN we scored 11. Not bad, but we scored 51st in work life balance. That means we're the worst! We have decent child care and women do hold some high up positions in our workforce, but this shows that women in my state generally have to choose between career and family. I totally agree with that. It's why I left my job. I had lots of opportunities as a female - as long as I didn't have kids. Or if I had kids I was willing to only see them for an hour or two a night.

How does your state compare? Do you agree with the findings?…

    Hmmmm South Carolina is 47th overall! Yikes!! I work from home running my own business, so I don't really notice any of the factors they have judged them on.

    I used to live in Maryland and though they are ranked higher because of their daycare and job opportunities, they also scored a 51 for work life balance! I totally see that. Many of the jobs in Maryland expected you to be at the office at the crack of dawn, and leave after dark. I was lucky and had a very understanding boss (and honestly I didn't stick around that long once Mason was born and it really mattered) so I wasn't too upset by that
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      Illinois is 22 overall. :(
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