Favorite techno-gadget for parenting?

There were the old days when all you had to rely were your instincts, your mama, and maybe a neighbor lady to take care of your kids. Not now though.

I've heard rave reviews about​ the seats that vibrate to soothe baby.

Crappy reviews about apps to analyze babies cries.

Mixed reviews about video baby monitors (I'm gonna use an infrared IP cam, personally)

So on and so forth.

What techno-gadget have you found most helpful in parenting? (And you can't say Google!)

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    Wow, this is all new to me lol. Interesting.
      Comment deleted
      Interesting reason why not to get the video ones. The IP cam with mic should hoepfully take care of that problem, but we'll just have to see if I have the energy to set all that up when the time comes. At least the IP cam would double as a security system when baby outgrows it!

      Definitely thinking about getting one of the vibrating chairs.
      Never heard of that. Def will look into it, so I'm not holding a mirror under babies nose while they sleep to make sure they're okay.
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