Babies that cry a lot: how to sooth them?

Try the 5 S's:

Shushing- Make a loud shhh, shhh, shhh. It sounds similar to the sounds in the womb and soothes babies.

Swaddling- Swaddle your baby to make them feel secure, similar to how they felt in the womb.

Swinging- You can use your arms or a baby swing to swing your baby, this recreates the movement that your baby was use to during pregnancy.

Sucking- Sucking in the breast, bottle, pacifier or other object helps soothe a baby.

Side lying- Many babies are soothed when laying on their side, as opposed to their back or belly.

Try to stay calm and not get stressed, I think when we get stressed the baby can tell and gets more stressed. Talk sweetly to your baby. Rub or pat your baby on the back. Some babies like a car ride too.

Moms Expertise
    The 5 Ss worked well for us as well - minus the swaddle. Mason and Audrey both hated being swaddled and I never even tried with Hayden.
      8Theresa Gould
      Usually suckling at the breast worked for mine, thankfully.
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