Why is my baby running away when we go outside?

Your baby is running away because they are exploring the new environment. Babies are always learning and exploring. When you change their setting such as going outside it is a new and exciting place to explore. Your baby is running away to check out new things.

It is very normal for your baby to want to run away while outside. Just make sure you have a safe area for them to run free. make sure they can not get into a driveway or into the street. Keep a close eye on other hazards such as containers of water they might be able to fall in. Also watch for other hazards.

As long as the area outside is safe it is good to let your baby explore. Exploring will help them to learn and build self confidence. Always keep your eye on them and stay close.

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    Babies can find joy in such random things!! Hayden fell madly in love with a stick in our yard yesterday. She spent a good 10 minutes just turning it around and looking at it from all different angles. It's hard to remember that even at 1 year old, there are TONS of things they have yet to see or experience. It's a big wide world out there!!
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      Good advice. Babies and toddlers alike are like this!
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