Did you know it's really easy to make your own baby cereal?!

Why would you want to make your own? Commercial baby cereal isn't bad for your child, but it's not great either. It's precooked and processed to the point of losing a lot of the grain's original nutrients, making it basically empty calories. It's okay to use as a thickener or to introduce a new texture to a baby just starting out, but it's not great as stand alone food. It would sort of be like feeding your kid straight white bread only. Lots of carbs and very few nutrients.

Making your own is easy. First pick a nutritious whole grain like brown rice, barley, or rolled oats. You can usually buy in bulk for pretty cheap. A lb of brown rice at our store is $0.99 per lb. one pound will make about 64oz of cooked baby cereal!

Grind it up in a food processor or coffee grinder. The coffee grinder really worked well for us. Keep the ground up grains in the fridge to keep them fresh (ours lasted for months before we used it all). When it's time to cook add the recommended amount of water to a pot and boil. Stir in the grain powder and cook for about 10 minutes. We'd make a weeks worth at a time and keep in the fridge. Generally a 1/4 cup powder to 1cup water will make about 1 cup of baby food.

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    I had no idea!! We never really fed our kids the grain cereals - we just waited until 6 months and started with table foods right away. If I had known we could make our own, I may have been more open to the idea!
      8Theresa Gould
      I did know this and have only ground up rolled oats and wheat but not for baby cereal.
        I never knew you could do this! See I learn something every day!!!! If I had the time and supplies I might have tried this when my babies were little!
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