Why does your baby seems to grunt and strain all day

Usually when a baby is grunting and straining they probably are working on a bowel movement or they have gas. To help your baby you can rub their belly in a circular motion, bicycle their legs, put them in a warm bath or burp them. Newborns often seem to spend a long time trying to poop before they poop. This is normal and they are just learning how their body works and that to do with their muscles.

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    I used to call Mason my little pig because all he did for the first few days of his life was grunt!! He was congested and was having trouble breathing and, as you mentioned, was getting used to learning how to use the muscles he needed to use to poop!
      Excellent post! Yes rubbing their tummy works wonders ... I have found this also helps my youngest if she has a tummy ache...
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