Would your children tolerate it?

Sometimes I worry that I don't give my kids enough credit. Audrey has proven to us that she is tough but....

As many of you know, Audrey broke her arm a couple weeks ago. She had surgery to set her arm and has 3 pins in her elbow right now. On Monday we go to get the pins removed. Her surgeon told me that when they remove the pins they don't do any anesthetic and Audrey will be fully conscious. They told me the pain level is similar to that of a shot - it's just like she is getting 3 vaccinations.

Audrey is 3 years old. I'm certain she will be excited to get the cast off (I'm pretty nervous about that too since I'm fairly certain she will need to get a new cast after the pins are out) but I have a feeling once they take one pin out and she realizes it hurts that she won't be at all interested in getting the other 2 taken out.

One of our neighbors is a nurse and suggested we call her pediatrician and ask them for some anti-anxiety medicine to give her before we go to the surgeon to have the pins removed. I'm usually pretty anti-medication, but there's a big part of me that thinks some anti-anxiety medicine would do wonders in this situation.

What would you do?? Has anyone else had a child break their bone and need pins?

BethSummerville, South Carolina
    8Theresa Gould
    I don't know. Interesting question. But my first thought is the surgeon has done this countless other times, right? Wouldn't he suggest something if she needed something? I know doctors don't know everything and I know every child is different, so since you know Audrey best, it's your call.
      My daughter broke her foot a few summers ago but thankfully did not need pins... i am not sure about anxiety meds... do they give a shot for pain or to numb the area before taking them out?
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