Why permanent teeth do not show up after losing baby teeth

Sometimes it can take weeks or even months for permanent teeth to come in after the baby teeth have fallen out. After the baby teeth fall out the permanent teeth have to slowly move up through the gums and grow a larger root. If a few months go by with no signs on a permanent tooth coming in then it wouldn't hurt to see the dentist who might recommend doing an xray to see if the adult tooth it there.

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    I actually lost my last baby tooth on my birthday last year (I'm 34 now). It had been loose for a long time. When the dentist did an x-ray they found that the baby roots had gotten tangled with the adult tooth root so one couldn't fall out, and one couldn't grow in. The bill to fix that was over $7,000 so I opted to leave it alone since it didn't hurt. Then during pregnancy I had really swollen bleeding gums, I'm assuming that things loosened up just enough for the little bugger to fall out on it's own :)
      Great post! It took my son MONTHS to get his front teeth in ... I thought he would be toothless forever! But the dentist assured us they were there just slow to come in! Thank goodness he now has a toothy grin!
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