Get help!

If your dad got your pregnant you need to report it and get yourself some help. It is not ok and no one should ever have to go though that. Please know that you can come to us for support during this difficult time. You need to report what happened and get some help for yourself.

Places to go for help:
- Call the police, you can call 911 or go directly to the police station.
- You can go to any doctor or hospital and tell them you were raped by your dad and they will be able to help you.
- You can call Child Protective Service to report it and get help as well.
- Tell a trusted friend or family member and ask them for help.
- Talk to a teacher or school counselor for some help.

You should not have to go through this alone or stay in this situation. You deserve help and a safe place. Get our of this situation as soon as possible. Stay strong and get help!

Moms Expertise
    Totally agree, Katie. This is not an OK situation and you need to get help immediately if you are in this kind of environment.
      Katie is correct ... this is not something that someone should go through alone... there are many emotional and psycological issues that will happen in this situation . Please get help if you are ever in this situation!
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