So.. early this morning we dropped Charlie off with the grandparents and booked it two hours away to the town where my oral surgeon is. It's wisdom tooth day! Giggity ugh...

It went really well. I was very happy that the doctor was part of the process, not someone who just came in, ripped out a tooth and left the rest to the nurses. He explained things very well and made me very comfortable (not an easy task. I think I may have been more nervous for this than I was to have the C-section)

But.. I do wonder..... why do they show you this really bad video with really bad actors about what's about to happen, and proceed to take your blood pressure DURING the video? Of course it's high! doh...

Any who, it was a quick process I guess. Someone told the bf that I asked when we were about to start, after they had already finished....

The bill ended being less than I thought, which is good! But it was still $700 so.. ouch.

All in all it was a decent day, but an expensive one. Luckily the BF had a paid personal day to use. Hope everyone's day is going great! I just took two hydrocodone so mine is about to be a whole lot better! Night Night!

    8Theresa Gould
    Glad to hear your procedure went well. If you were put under, that would explain why you asked what you did. I think I slurred a few weird questions and comments after getting my wisdom teeth out too.
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