First cup

I had an appointment with WIC and the nutritionist gave us a 4 ounce cup.
She said to have her use a cup and not a sippy cup.
Gave ma a speech and a flyer that reads: "Help me use a cup, at 6 months old you'll have to help me for the first few months then I will learn to hold my cup. Let me practice with water so when I spill it's easy to clean. A 4 oz. cup is just my size. If you offer juice, please give me 100% juice and put it in a cup not a bottle."
To my surprise I put water in the cup and offered it to Selena holding it so she could try it and she drank and swallowed water like she's been doing it for awhile. I also gave her more later on to show her father and again she impressed me and drank it like a champ. :) So proud!

First cup
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    Really 100% Juice ? if anything i would put 1/4 juice and the rest water!
      I think it said 100% juice because there are lot of juice out there that isn't 100% and I will be cutting with water.
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