Smart Mouth son!

​my 16 year old has ADHD. he is so outgoing, funny, cute and smart but he drives me crazy! im in school learning how to be a psychologist or counsolor but i get so stressed with his smart mouthing and bad manners that i cant even take my own advice! maybe you can give me a tip or two. would appreciate it!

chasidy ingramLaurinburg, North Carolina
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    8Theresa Gould
    Does he have access to any electronics? Cell phone? iPod? Computer? Wii? Xbox? Have you tried taking away one of those for a week if he mouths off or displays bad manners? Up it by one week for every infraction after the first. Or perhaps coming straight home from school if socializing is important to him.

    Our oldest loves her iPod and time on the computer (she's a writer and prefers to type than write by hand) so our discipline/consequence for her has been taking her iPod away or limiting her computer time.
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