Babies sleeping in family bed.

So when Lucas was born, up to 3 months, he slept in bed with David and I. Right between mom and dad. We were so excited to be parents together (he had a daughter before me, Abby. My future step daughter. :) ) that we wanted Lucas with us 24/7. We slept on either side of Lucas with each of us having our own blanket and pillow. Lucas was between swaddled up tight; no blanket or pillow other than swaddle blanket of course. At 3 months we decided enough was enough and put him in his crib. It's in our room across from our bed. The transition was a piece of cake. He had no problem sleeping all alone in his bed. We plan to do this with our next babe too. :D

I know people are scared to roll over onto the baby, but even I move around a lot and I was never on Lucas. I'm usually a heavy sleeper that moves a lot, but with him in the bed, I was a super light sleeper and didn't move at all. I think we know subconsciously that the baby is there. We just made sure there was no blanket or pillow on him and we did just fine. :) Everyone is different though of course!

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    The children always slept in bed with me too and never had any complications... but as you said everyone is different and you have to do what is right for your family!
      We also had the family bed, transitioning was also easy for each of our children. I believed that they all wanted their space and they just wanted to leave and by this time going to bed became something that they looked forward too.
        hehe my son sleeps in my bed tho working towards gettin him back in to his own again its hard cuz since he was born his health goes up n down and hes sick off n on so the easiest thing was to keep him with me easier to get to him n get him better now since hes like 33inches tall he likes to take up the whole bed n spread out haha but i move around alot it crackes up cuz he squishes me instead tho i rather he get me than me get him were also wkin towards gettin a toddler bed
          Good for you! I wish I could do that without being paranoid of squishing my baby. So many benefits of having baby within literally arm's reach: bonding, convenience when breast feeding, lowering the chances of SIDS, etc...

          As a first time mama to be, I'm too scared that I would do something stupid in my sleep like whack it across the face with my arm... I'm sure I wouldn't, just a fear...

          I'm shopping for bassinets as that's what we'll use when baby is sleeping.
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