Morning Routine for Toddlers and Up?

My daughter and I wake up everyday around 7 or 8 in the morning. My first thought is to get something to eat lol. I don't care if I'm half asleep, I want food! But my daughter, on the other hand, takes a couple hours to get hungry. I don't force her to eat breakfast with me. She's usually fine with a big glass of milk in the morning then she'll wait until 9 or 10 to sit down and eat her breakfast. Then I make plans to do whatever, if it's my day off. I try not to rush her in the mornings anymore. I let her wake up and relax and get something to eat before getting her ready for the day.

What do you ladies do in the mornings?

    Oh man, our mornings are nuts around here.

    I get Mini up around six so that she can get her shower and get dressed. I usually am on my first cup of coffee at this point, although sometimes I can't get to that if I am running around doing other things. She doesn't eat breakfast (I know, this is bad, she just can't do it though). I get Bub up around 7 and then run Mini to school.

    By the time I get back (maybe ten minutes depending on traffic) he's ready for breakfast. I get him fed, showered, do homework and pack his lunch. Usually I am trying to get coffee in at this point again.

    I run him to school around 8:30 and finally get to sit for a few minutes. Then I either start school work or start one of my two jobs. I like it busy though so mornings to me are great!
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