Mom Of Twins Dies 2 months after Birth of Placenta Cancer

Sorry this one is kind of a downer, but I have been following this story loosely on facebook, and read this article today. I wanted to share this because I didn't even know that Placenta Cancer existed! But this story just touches my heart, this mother sacrificed herself for the life of her twins and now they are thriving. And this Dad is such a fighter, staying strong for his family and twins while losing his wife.

It is just such a good reminder of the love of a mother, I would do anything if it meant my child could live. She is the definition of a mother even though she only was here on Earth for two months after her twins were born.

    I've been following this story, too, since I read it on Yahoo news. That is so sad. I had never heard of cancer of the placenta and wonder how it's even possible. I wonder if she received the cancer from her husband's sperm. After all, he is in the Army, and some of the so-called vaccines those guys receive are questionable at best. Remember Gulf War Syndrome? Some people pointed the finger at the vaccines.
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