jehova vitnesses

they come to my house a lot the same ladies . And when I wasn't preg I was able to sit with then and talk but now sence I stay up at nightto speak with my husband bc there is 7 hr diffrence btw NC and Ukraine .
Last 2 times I saw them coming over but I just couldn't make myself get out of bed and when I saw they not leaving I finally started to make my way down stairs and I didn't make it on time . I hope they don't think I am rude . I just don't think its right time right now for studying .

    Talking with your husband is very important and you need your rest, I wouldn't worry about being rude or not answering the door. I like Jehovah witness but some things I agree with and some I disagree with, God always has time for you when ever your ready so don't worry about missing a study session. :)
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