Did you all tell your parents/ close friends you were trying to have a baby? I want to tell my dad but I feel like it would just be awkward lol and I definitely do not want to tell my husbands parents, mostly his mom. Also I feel like I wouldn't even want her to know if I was pregnant...

    I know I could trust my dad with it and him not say anything to no one else, but my husbands parents are a totally different story! His mom is is the type pf person that complains about EVERYTHING! That being said in a nice way lol
      I told my mom and brothers and my husband's mom and sister first. I told my work (because it's expected) and we told CLOSE friends... like people we saw in person every day. I DID NOT put it on Facebook until I went on bed rest at 31 weeks. People were shocked and then even more shocked when I had her three weeks after announcing the pregnancy. My uncle joked that he "just found out I was pregnant" when she was born. :) But that's how we wanted it. I didn't want to hear anyone's horror stories with her being my first. :)
        That's my fear is having negative feedback. I don't do well with it especially when it's something really special to me. I told my husband I didn't want no one to know about it till I was ready for them to know besides him obviously lol which i'm a small figured person and don't think i'd be able to hide it long.
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