Our Fitness Thread 05/07/2014

Hi ladies!

For those who haven't read the fitness threads before, this is a chance for us to check in with each other every other day or so. The goal is for an open, supportive place where we can discuss our goals, celebrate our wins and discuss all things fitness related.

Since this is still my first week of the fitness thread I thought I would open by continuing the last thread where we discuss our goals. Mine was to get out and walk in the neighborhood at least three times a week. I didn't figure in rain though (face palm) so I adjusted to make this week about eating less snacky food. So far, so good.

So mommas, what are your goals? How are you doing for those who have set goals so far? Do you need help deciding on how to start? All topics welcomed!

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      Last year, I had a great workout routine going. I spent most of the summer doing daily or every-other-day routines and loved it. Unfortunately, since getting back on my birth control shot I've gained a lot more weight and became much more tired and less motivated. I have since bought an Ab Carver Pro and looked into some more workouts, but I can't seem to get myself motivated enough to do the work! I work 4 days a week, so on my 3 days off, all I want to do is get out of the house and spend time with my daughter, not exercise! But I know I really need to get back into shape and really just get myself to a healthier state.
        I was doing a total body workout plus extra abs six days a week. Then I read that if you fell exhausted after your workout, it's because you've dehydrated your muscles, which is not good.That's exactly how I felt, so I quit. I found a book about ab exercises which are not strenuous at all, so I've been doing those. A walk would be a good idea, but I know I'd somehow come home with a malt!
          My biggest goal is to watch what I eat. Just be more aware of what I am consuming. Eat less and eat healthier. I have not been very focused on that lately. I just want to be a fatty and not care, but I DO care.
            First goal is to cut out the junk food. Now that I'm officially in my 3rd trimester as of yesterday, I'm getting more uncomfortable and have to be picky about what I eat because I can only eat a fraction of what I'm used to. Second goal is to walk 20 minutes everyday then increase frequency to 2-3x/day. Third goal is to plan different activities throughout the week so I can have variety: pre-natal yoga, swimming, etc.

            I'm doing good cutting out the junk food. Being mobile isn't as easy. I seem to only go for a walk if I feel extra tired so only when I'm feeling forced to.
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