What did you all take while ttc and during pregnancy?

    I took over the counter prenatal vitamins, usually the Target brand.
      Before conception I took prescription prenatal vitamins, vitamin b12, vitamin D, baby aspirin, synthroid and metformin. I also took fertility drugs; Clomid for five months (various dosages) and Ovidrel (a trigger shot to release eggs) for five months, and then gonadotropins (an actual fertility shot) for one month.

      We conceived on our own... without the fertility drugs.

      Once pregnant I took prescription prenatal vitamins, synthroid, vitamin b12, vitamin D, and a baby aspirin the whole pregnancy. I took metformin for the first 12 weeks and progesterone for the first 12 weeks.
        I am still taking my fav OTC prenatal for nursing. Rainbow Light Prenatal One multivitamin. I prefer one pill versus multiple a day. That being said, I also took 5,000mg Vitamin D at my doctor's request, and low-mercury Fish Oil omega-3 supplements.
          Folic acid and prenatals.
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