Kado can FINALLY see a doctor!! only took forever..... he is severely behind on his shots :( but thursday he has an appt! woohoo! i thanks the heavens that he hasnt gotten sick or injured these last months that we would have needed to see a dr.
not looking forward to being told how bad it is for him not to get his shots on time.... it wasnt my fault.

but since its all fixed... i might look into Cal-works..... i really dont want to .... but i seriously need some help. anyone know anything about it?

    Aww, don't worry about it. What is important is that you are getting him into see the doctor now. He was healthy for the last three months and that is what matters. I hope your doctor doesn't give you are hard time.
    well we already have Medi-Cal. i know i need to resign up for Foodstamps. because living with my parents suck. they only buy stuff for dinner. and dont let people make it for lunches. so its hard to find food for myself. and Kado rarely gets variety. just sucks. most of the time, i go without eating just so Kado can have something the next day.

    i heard that Cal-works could helpme by paying for a babysitter or daycare so i can finally have a job.
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